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Our Customers’ Testimonial 用户反馈

“I become more confident than ever and i really love BondFar, which offered my precious opportunities to communicate with other countries' partner face to face.”

Great conversation experience. It's really nice to meet a person across the ocean!”

“Stephanie is so nice, wish to hear her more ideas next time, you know, the process of exchanging information, opinions and ideas is actually a good way to learn :)”

“Payton is an amazing friend, who encourages me a lot. I have never tried to share my inner secrets with someone. Payton gave me braveness to express myself. She got a cold and just take good care of yourself(if you can see). ❤️ She’s kind and her smile is so sweet. Thank you and have a good day.☀️”

"I really enjoy taking with Connor! He always gives me some inspirations about this topic which i'm not familiar with, and thanks for his patience, and really appreciate that he always concludes what i said and gives me a good example how to express them well, that's really useful! look forward to talk with him next time! "

"Bailey listened to me in patience and gave me positive responds. And I feel the difference between different cultures, such as expression, lifestyle. It is a good way to feel culture diversity. BTW, you can see this article about moose. It is written in Chinese, but it has videos and pictures."

"Firstly I want to say thank you to Kylene for correcting errors in my previous evaluations! It was so sweet. And I like Kylene because she's very sincere and straight. I really enjoy to talk with her about animals and family. Besides, Kylene always gave me opportunity to share my views. However, time went so fast! I didn't even have time to say "have a nice day Kylene" . Maybe next time! Best wishes to Kylene and her pets! "

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Rachel(Chongqing University)

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Recommended Conversation Partners

Bailey Alexander

University name: Tulane University

Major and minor: Anthropology, French, Linguistics, Religious Studies

Hobbies: Exercise, Hiking, Music, Reading, Writing

Payton Travis

University name: Tulane University

Major and minor: Psychology

Hobbies: Cooking, Exercise, Hiking, Reading, Sports, Travel

Beata Desselle

University name: Johns hopkins university

Major and minor: Economics, International Studies

Hobbies: Exercise, Movies, Music, Reading, Shopping, Television, Travel, Writing, Art

Connor Gleason

University name: Tulane University

Major and minor: Finance, Political Economy, Italian

Hobbies: Exercise, Hiking, Movies, Music, Reading, Shopping, Television, Travel, Art

Kylene Pickett

University name: Louisiana Tech University

Major and minor: Nanosystems Engineering

Hobbies: Cooking, Exercise, Fishing, Games, Hunting, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel, Writing

Leila Esposito

University name: The Catholic University of America

Major and minor: Neuroscience, Spanish

Hobbies: Exercise, Hiking, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Television, Travel, Writing, Art

Stephanie Holden

University name: Tulane University

Major and minor: Spanish, Portuguese, English

Hobbies: Cooking, Exercise, Games, Gardening, Hiking, Movies, Music, Reading, Shopping, Sports, Television, Travel, Writing, Art

Kevin Fang

University name: Cornell University

Major and minor: Biomedical Engineering

Hobbies: Cooking, Exercise, Games, Movies, Music, Shopping, Sports, Television, Art

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