About Us

At BondFar, we are reimagining the language learning process to prioritize effective communication skills and promote intercultural competence. We connect students learning English (Conversation Learners) with native speakers (Conversation Partners) to engage in exciting one-on-one conversations through video chat. The conversations are guided by topics and questions about issues that encourage participants to share experiences, think critically about their own viewpoints, and form more comprehensive and globally informed perceptions.

We see communication skills and intercultural competence as some of the most essential aspects of language learning, yet they are so often overlooked in a traditional classroom setting. By stepping beyond the borders of traditional language courses and intentionally cultivating a welcoming environment, English learners can feel comfortable in building their confidence to communicate with the world and exponentially improve their language ability.

Easily Meet Perfect Conversation Partners

Our Conversation Partners are enthusiastic, patient, and always encouraging. By integrating important information such as personal interests into the Conversation Partner profiles, the Conversation Learners are able to connect to native speakers with similar interests and skills.

Thoughtfully Exchange Questions and Ideas

BondFar conversations are guided by carefully formed topics and questions that encourage participants to engage in meaningful exchange that promotes mutual understanding. Participants are encouraged to bring their own unique experiences, ideas, and questions to the conversation, which creates a remarkable collaborative environment.

Immediately Receive Detailed Feedback

Conversation Partners will provide concrete feedback for improvement during the last five minutes of each session. All participants complete evaluations following each conversation in order to reiterate strategies for improvement and rate the quality of the conversation facilitation. Additionally, participants complete self-evaluations in order to reflect on ways to improve for next time.

Effectively Grow Intercultural Competence

In today's globally interconnected world, intercultural competence is increasingly more important in becoming a successful individual living in a harmonious world. BondFar provides a forum to purposefully converse with people from other cultures and engage in meaningful discussion. Through BondFar's conversation sessions you will learn about other cultures and come to understand your own background from a fresh perspective.