Conversation Learner Resources

How to Book a Session:

1. To register for an account, click "Register" in the upper righthand corner. Fill in your information and choose your interests to help us find the perfect conversation partner for you.
2. To ensure that your video call goes smoothly, please test your device, network, computer camera and microphone on
3. You are now ready to book a session! At the top of the homepage, click on "Book a Session."
4. Choose a Conversation Partner based on their major, interests, or ratings by clicking on the red "Book" button.
5. Choose a topic to guide your conversation.
6. View the calendar and elect any time marked "Available" that fits within your schedule.
7. Next you will see a payment page and scan the Alipay QR code payment. Please wait patiently for the payment process to complete, the page will automatically move after the payment is completed.
8. By clicking on your Account Center from the BondFar homepage, you will see your successfully booked session.

Steps for the Conversation Session:

1. Click on "Start Session" five minutes before the scheduled time.
2. Introduce yourself to your Conversation Partner.
3. Thoughtfully answer all of the questions you are asked. Feel free to elaborate on your answers or ask counter questions.
4. Half way through the conversation session, you should ask the Conversation Partner questions on the topic.
5. Five minutes before the end of the conversation, you will receive a pop up window to remind you of the time, please click "OK." At this time, your Conversation Partner should give you effective feedback on things they noticed during the conversation, and what you can do to improve.
6. At the end of the thirty minutes, you will receive another popup window. If you click "OK" the session will end, if you have just a quick statement to wrap up, you can click "cancel" and the conversation will continue.
7. Please complete the self evaluation and evaluate your Conversation Partner. You will also receive your Conversation Partner's comments to help you improve your communication skills.

We hope BondFar will enhance your confidence and conversational abilities. Please share any suggestions in your evaluation form or send an email to