Conversation Partner Resources

Once you have signed up for an account with BondFar, you are ready to create your schedule. To indicate your availability, please visit the "Schedule Sessions" tab found in your Account Center. Keep in mind that China is 13 hours ahead of US Central Time (CT), so mornings or nights are usually the best times to sign up. Once a Conversation Learner has signed up for your session, you will receive an email.

In order to facilitate your conversation session, please follow these instructions:

1. Sign into your account on Chrome
2. Click on the "My Sessions" tab of your Account Center
3. Be prepared to open the conversation five minutes before the scheduled time
4. Spend a few minutes introducing yourselves
5. Use the questions from the topic chosen by the Conversation Learner on the sidebar to guide your conversation. Ask the Conversation Learner these questions and encourage them to ask you the same questions.
6. Wrap up your conversation when there are five minutes left and provide any advice or suggestions to help the learner improve.
7. Once the session ends, you will be prompted to complete an evaluation of the Conversation Learner and a self evaluation. Please include concrete suggestions for improvement, as the conversation learner will receive this evaluation.

- Be patient and open
- Speak clearly and pace your speaking speed according to the learner's response and ability
- Encourage the conversation learner to speak for at least half of the the session to bolster their speaking confidence
- Share your own ideas and thoughts openly to engage in an intercultural dialogue
- Take notes during the conversation with suggestions and advice for the conversation learner and share during the summary and/or written evaluation. These are particularly important, because they will let the conversation learner know of concrete ways they can improve their English.
- Share any feedback about the process in the evaluation and/or with

Note: Please complete your evaluation of the conversation learner's performance using the following criteria.

- How did you like the conversation? How actively was your partner engaged?
- How well did your partner comprehend the questions that were asked? How complex were your partner’s ideas? Did he or she give a lot of details? Did your partner develop and share their opinions?
- How accurate was your partner’s grammar? Did your partner display a complex range of vocabulary? Were advanced words attempted and used correctly? Are there any new vocabulary words that you can share with your partner?
- How was your partner’s rate of speech? Did they tend to frequently pause or use filler words?
- If your session topic was a practice exam, how well did your partner’s responses fit into the IELTS or TOEFL time limits?
- How can you encourage them to keep practicing? What do you suggest they do to improve?

Speaking Test Information:
The test is 11 to 14 minutes long with three parts.
 In Part 1, candidates answer simple questions about themselves, family, work, interests, etc.(4-5 mins)
 In Part 2, candidates speak about a topic. Candidates will be given a task card which asks them to speak about a particular topic and includes points that they can cover in the talk. Candidates will be given 1 minute to prepare the talk. They will then speak for 1-2 minutes. (3-4 mins)
 In Part 3, candidates have a longer discussion on the topic. The examiner will ask them further questions connected to the topic in Part 2. (4-5 mins)
TOEFL Part 1 & Part 2
In TOEFL speaking part 1 and part 2, candidates have 15 sec to prepare and 45 sec to respond to each question. Different questions related to different scenarios, usually like person, place, event, or anything you are supposed to know in campus life. (Conversation hosts should time partners and tell them when their time is up.)